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无锡德凡仪器有限公司,经营玻璃仪器、塑料制品、加热板、搅拌器、烘箱、过滤器材、包装材料丶 金属丶橡胶丶PFA丶 Silicon丶耗材及无尘室用品等产品的进出口贸易公司。我们在科学仪器领域积累了多年的经验,具备高技术水平,提供良好的售后服务和解决方案,为客户提供可靠及完善的服务。

Devan Scientific Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. Our company provides the comprehensive range of scientific products to the Industrial, Educational, research, clinical and biotechnology fields. We are specialized in supplying laboratory glassware, plastic wares, scientific instruments, filters and etc to the markets both in China and overseas. Our distributions are included as followings.

Glassware: Kimble / Kontes, USA: General glassware Qorpak, USA: Bottles (Sampling, Storage) BOECO, Germany Witeg, Germany: Volumetric glassware Marienfeld, Germany: Cover glass

Plastic ware: Heathrow, USA: Racks Deltalab, Spain: Containers Kartell, Italy: Labware, Containers Cowie, UK: Stirring bars, Teflon product M Parafilm, USA Bel-Art, USA: Ice wares

Others: LMS, Japan; WLD-TEC, Germany; TFA, Germany; TimeMed, USA ; Interscience, France; …etc. Product Made in Taiwan

We are trained to provide the best service to our customers and our goal it to be the one of the leading labwares supplier in China.
公司地址: 无锡市滨湖区大通路503号通达工业园D幢3楼
Address: 3F, Bldg. D, No. 503, Datong Road, TongDa Industrial Park, BinHu Dist., Wuxi City 214124, China
TEL:  +86-510-85299350 业务分机885、880
FAX: +86-510-85075972
Web site: www.dvsci.cn
E-mail: devan@vip.sina.com
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